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Areas of consultancy

A. Business contracts.

Tender . Leasing . Engineering . Contracts in the computer field . Intellectual property . Franchising.

B. Business financing

Studio Capaccioli operates with Banks, Regional Finance Institutions , Consob (National Institution for Listed Companies and the Stock Exchange), Simest and Bankitalia for business financing operations.

Leverage operations.

Stock exchange listings.


Project financing.

Business plans.

C. Legal, corporate and fiscal advice.

The firm assists Clients in corporate litigations before the ordinary, fiscal and administrative judicial Authorities.

The firm draws up business contracts and advises on the foundation of new enterprises, etc.

Fiscal advice direct and indirect taxation -.
Tax planning on a national and international level - transfer pricing, offshore holdings and permanent establishments,etc. -.

D. Mergers, divisions and take-overs.

Merger and de-merger projects.

Exchange ratios.

Assessment of companies for contributions in kind, take-overs and sales.

E. Shipping law and transport contracts

F. Privatisation at a local, national and international level.

Studies of legal and organisational possibilities.

Assessment of businesses to be privatised.

Transformation and contribution in kind of municipal companies.

Allocation to third parties of shares of public utilities.