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Professional profiles

Lorenzo Corsini

Graduated in law and in economics, professional corporate adviser since 1975 and a certified public accountant>

He has specific expertise in areas related to company restructuring – including insolvency procedures -, business contracts, balance analysis and national and international fiscal advice.

From 1993 to 1998 he was of counsel and responsible for the national and international fiscal sector in the firms Clifford Chance of London/Rome and Baker & Mc Kenzie of Rome/Milan.

He has also published numerous books and articles on company and commercial law and is furthermore involved in academic activities.

Francesco Baraldi  

Lawyer since 1966, expert in company law.
He has experience as advisor to companies and public bodies, for building and town planning, the environment, public works, companies and contracts.
His professional experience includes several projects concerning the recovery of industrial groups and the establishment of private/public companies – so-called “società miste”. In particular, Francesco Baraldi was involved in the establishment of a company by local public bodies and state-participated companies, for managing the publicly owned valley property in Ferrara and in the subsequent project for setting up a syndicate and a public-private ownership company for the separate running of industrial and conservative activity within the area.

In the same area of practice, he has given professional assistance in creating a public-private plc. for management of the Po delta, for the setting up of syndicates by economic operators on the Ferrara coast and establishing of a public-private ownership company by those same syndicates and local public bodies, for the management by means of concessions of the infrastructures in the district.

Eraclio Gerbella

Accountant, corporate advisor since 1985, former director of a major industrial company, belonging to the Montedison group, with specific experience in:

 - administrative and economic management;

-    application of analytic accountancy techniques, carried out in companies belonging to the Montedison group in Italy and abroad.

He presently follows the firm’s various insolvency procedures and is also managing director of the data processing firm Dat.El s.r.l..

Maria Chiara Angelucci

A degree in economics, fiscal adviser since 1994, she has experience of insolvency procedures and in fiscal and contractual consultancy for national and international companies.

Ignazio La Candia

A degree in economics in 1997, he specialises in international fiscal matters and European Community law. Ignazio La Candia is a member of the Florence Professional Accountants’ Society Study Committee on international fiscal matters.


Franco Madiai

Accountant, former administrative director of a major company in the metal and mechanical industry in Florence and Milan. 
Franco Madiai has specific experience of administrative and financial management.