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The recent operations in which Studio Capaccioli has been involved are:

 Opening of a Representative office in Shanghai and establishment of an Equity joint venture in Hong Kong.

 Construction contract of a container ship, including construction and financing agreements.

 Study of an employee stock option plan.

 Offshore structuring of two Italian corporations.

 Business restructuring of an Italian company engaged in the air transport sector.

 Project for listing on the Italian Stock Exchange and Nasdaq of an Italian company.

Purchase of a company under the terms of the “Prodi” law.

 Study for the development of a company in the space and telecommunications sector.

Drawing up a business plan for the allocation of financing for a so-called contratto d’area.

Securitization of credits for a financial institution.

Personal wealth organisation – trusts – of Italian family estates.

Family tax planning.

Management buy out operations.

Sale, through the intermediation of a merchant bank based in Switzerland, of an Italian company.

Building planning of town areas in Empoli – 55.000 m.q. – and Brescia – 43.000 m.q. -.

Exchange ratios in mergers of companies listed on the Stock Exchange.